Litigations & Dispute Resolution

Controversies that bring commercial contracts and because of corporate investments (eg sales contracts, transportation, leasing, distribution, partnership agreements, defaults, running clothes and other guarantees, etc..), Including those that occur within the scope of the corporate law (eg challenging corporate resolutions, family companies, breach of warranty agreements, etc.).

  • Prejudicial stage:
    • Advice prior to the courts, in order to analyze the strategy to claim the client's interests and the feasibility / suitability of resorting to the courts (eg economic reasonableness; assets of the counterparty).
    • Court complaints urging the satisfaction of the client's interests.
    • Direct negotiations with the counterparty, looking for the most agile, effective and efficient solution to the conflict, always safeguarding the interests of the client. Including the preparation and the drafting  of an agreement.
  • Judicial Stage:
    • Jurisdiction Civil, Administrative and Commercial (Bankruptcy Law, Competition Law, Intellectual / Industrial Property, Advertising).
    • Preparation, drafting and presentation of relevant writings Demand / Opposition to the Complaint, as well as resources and judicial writings, if any, correspond, in any judicial, attending hearings and trials, from the beginning of litigation to final judgment and execution for you.
    • Exchange processes, executives, admonitory, ordinary, etc.
  • Arbitration Proceedings:
    • Keeping of the arbitration jurisdiction where it is agreed by the parties, since the emergence of the conflict until the issuance of the Award.